Private Label Rx Program

The Health Plan Partners Rx core program is designed to be a convenient and economic method of funding a prescription savings program for those without insurance benefits, for employees with HSA’s, MSA’s or plans with high insurance deductibles. The Health Plan Partners Prescription Savings program is also an excellent companion product for supplement programs with strict formularies or medication exclusions. The HPP Prescription Savings Program utilizes a “Point of Service” funding technique which is often an excellent alternative to the traditional per-employee per-month fee programs.

The company’s “Point of Service” program is not insurance, and no paper claims are associated with this program. All savings are realized at the point of purchase by the participant. The “Point of Service” model is very simple to administer, and is particularly appealing since it requires minimal administrative resources.

To ensure each participant receives maximum program benefits, the following five key elements are emphasized throughout our informational materials:

  1. Convenient member access to prescription pricing in advance of purchase
  2. Member education as to how to prudently purchase medications using the program
  3. Information as to how the program is funded
  4. Minimal administrative fee

From a business perspective, HPP’s Prescription Savings program is a valuable benefit, providing a measurable savings to those who most need to save money on prescription medication purchases. Budget-conscious families appreciate the fact this program is provided at no monthly cost, is easy to understand, and achieves definable savings prior to purchasing medication. Most importantly, the program’s structure enables participants to be prudent purchasers and to be actively involved in receiving the best value for their health care dollar.