Markets Served

Historically, pharmacy benefit program providers have found the small groups, emerging markets, the under-served, and other non-typical populations to be difficult to accommodate for a variety of technical, sociological and political reasons, and have therefore avoided them.

By their nature, emerging and under-served market segments are disaggregated and lack established central access channels for promotion, enrollment management and fee collection. As a result, the commercial attributes of these segments have been hallmarked by high cost, low margins, and therefore not considered economically viable so their constituents remain underserved. They have higher rates of illness and co-morbidities, higher case mix index ratings upon hospital admission, higher emergency department utilization, greater readmission rates, and ultimately higher overall medical costs.

Barriers to entry have been and are significant impediments to traditional providers. However, for Health Plan Partners, they create an opportunity to serve a deserving market. Unlike traditional PBMs and other pharmaceutical providers, HPP was engineered for this purpose, and is uniquely positioned for success in this area.

The market segments HPP targets are defined below: